What's going on with Uyghur muslims?


A Short History

 Uighurs are a Turkic Muslim group who live in the north-western region of Xinjian in China. Over the past 4 years, Xinjiang has been the target of some of the most restrictive & comprehensive security measures ever deployed by a state against its own people.

These include the large-scale use of technology - facial recognition cameras, monitoring devices that read the content of mobile phones and the mass collection of biometric data.

The policies appear to mark a fundamental shift in official thinking - separatism is no longer framed as a problem of a few isolated individuals, but as a problem inherent within Uighur culture and Islam in general.

According to Human Rights Watch, police are also using a mobile app to monitor peoples' behaviour, such as how much electricity they are using and how often they use their front door.

Since 2017 when President Xi Jinping issued an order saying all religions in China should be Chinese in orientation, there have been further crackdowns and sent to so called ‘re-education camps’- Where they are forced to denounce their religion and instead must pledge loyalty to the CCP.

China is locking up hundreds of thousands of Muslims without trial in its western region of Xinjiang

It is clear that China is trying to eradicate Uighur culture and race as a whole- Ethnically cleansing China

Modern Day

Over 1 million Uighurs Muslims are detained in China over the past few years in what the state defines as "re-education camps". The Camps are primarily located in the north-western region of Xinjiang where most of the Uighur Muslims are populated. Millions of them face strict controls and political indoctrination. They are forced to learn the love the communist party- Evidence of separating Uighur children from their families and brainwashing them with CCP propaganda.

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute found evidence in 2020 of more than 380 of these "re-education camps" in Xinjiang, an increase of 40% on previous estimates. There is evidence that China has been forcing birth control by forcibly mass sterilising Uighur women and through forced vasectomies for males in order to suppress the population 

In December 2020 research seen by the BBC showed up to half a million people were being forced and sent on mass into the cotton fields to pick cotton. The evidence suggests that China's cotton crop – 1/5(20%) of the world’s supply - used widely throughout the global fashion industry. The evidence suggests that the real intention here in Xinjian is the dismantling of an entire culture and it's rebuilding through the total control of people's families, their faith, their thoughts and on a massive scale across this region

People who have managed to escape the camps have reported physical, mental and sexual torture - women have spoken of accounts of systematically mass rape, sexually abused, and tortured.

According to international convention, genocide is the "intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group"- What we are witnessing in China is clearly a genocide. With former camp detainees describing them as de facto prisons implementing mass brainwashing and obedience to the Communist party.

As more evidence emerges of torture, forced sterilisation of women and other methods of population reduction, it's clear that it's a cery turbulent issue of the situation in Xinjiang with the Uighur people and the genocidal intents of the barbaric CCP.  Those re-education camps are the very places in which we are seeing, with evidence, brainwashing, torture, and dehumanisation.


 Many online have called for a social change, by boycotting the 2022 Beijing winter Olympics, as a united stance against the CCP regime.

Economically we should seriously consider sanctions and embargos on Chinese goods and services in particular the Xinjiang cotton production – where there is clear evidence of modern-day slavery.

We should also consider sanctioning and banning Chinese officials found to be soliciting and facilitating the inhumane treatment of Uighur Muslims in ‘re-education camps’.

International coalitions are again, a key part in showing a united front against China.

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National Level

We should use our voice and platform on a local and national level to educate and elevate the voices of the oppressed

We should be ensuring that the Trade Bill amendment in relation to the determination of genocide is passed through Parliament to ensure a clear directive on the UK’s response and approach to China. Amendments to the Trade Bill currently going through Parliament would oblige the government to assess the human rights records of potential partners.

UK firms doing business in China will face fines if they can't show their products aren't linked to forced labour in the country's Xinjiang region.

Exports will be monitored to ensure goods are not being used in camps where Uighur are among minorities being held.

Local Level

YOU CAN SPEAK NOW .Get your school/college/university on board and have them treat this with the severity it deserves, share social media posts- Use your platform as a force for good

Writing to your MP - We only needed a few more votes to try and put an end to this SO WRITE TO YOUR MP NOW. You can write to your MP using the template by Coalition for Genocide Response. This can be found here :

Do Something Now. Make A Change Now. Together And Now We Will Form A United Front Against This. EDUCATE yourself, friends and family on what is happening.