A Bit About Us

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, our 'I Have A Voice' work experience was all online. That did not stop the five of us staying dedicated to lobbying unity in issues which should be ones of global interest. We are aware we can't take over the world overnight, so we are lobbying our UK Politicians and other key parliamentary figures to raise awareness into the UK's influence!

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Meet the Team

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Niamh took a role in our general organisation of our presentation, as well as looking into the genocide of Uyghur Muslims.



Laura took it upon herself to link our socio political issues to China to investigate as a case study, and honed in on relations with Hong Kong



Saffron had a focus on the Climate plan with China and what it wished to do with the Arctic in the next 10 years



Angel took a role in shedding light into human rights issues surrounding Uyghur Muslims within China.



Savina created this website as a permanent encapsulate of everything we have worked on, and also has looked into Climate relations with the UK and the CCP